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What's in a Name?
With a more economic strategy than under Ritz-Carlton ownership to keep costs reasonable, Ravella has committed to providing service revolving around meetings and developing group business. Plus, the short yet noticeable distance from the Strip brings peace and tranquility for meeting and convention goers seeking to eliminate bright-light distractions. The lower operating costs permit affordable room rates for individuals and groups.

Primm Valley Casino Resorts Renovations

If you have ever driven east to Las Vegas you have more than likely seen the Primm Valley Casino Resorts, comprised of three hotels, located at the California/Nevada stateline. For many, the sight of these casinos brings with it a sense of excitement that Las Vegas is just a few more miles away as the neon lights on the Strip come into focus. But now the backing of $8.5 million is changing two hotels in a major way and giving area visitors a reason to stay.

Early in 2011 Buffalo Bill’s Resort and Casino let the media in to view the enhancements that have been made throughout the property. Included improvements are remodeled guests rooms with designer desks, chairs, dressers, night stands, and lamps which were originally intended for another hotel that fell through but were swept up at discounted prices by Buffalo Bill’s. New carpeting, refinished surfaces, new signage, and energy-saving LED bulbs are found in the gaming and common areas.

Although Buffalo Bill’s intends to eventually complete renovations in all of the rooms, the resort has only finished some as of early 2011. However, each bed has received triple sheeting commonly found at Strip hotels plus new mattresses where added. It may be best to clarify which room you will receive when making reservations.
Although these new elements have a modern style, the hotel is still steeped in western-themed roots which appeals to those interested in a distinctive and un-predictable Las Vegas hotel that can stand on its own. The upgrades have given Buffalo Bill’s a reason to actively seek guests and meeting planners to visit the new and improved property.

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